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{Internal Cleansing Is Essential for Everyone}

This is not a pleasant topic. I'm sure that some readers who don't feel that they are “above all this, ” are
starting to feel a little queasy after reading this material so far. It's quite possible that even some of the
symptoms hit close to home. I felt the same way when I first heard the basic facts on this topic. One might
think to himself: “Dear God! If I bathe twice a day, change my underwear regularly, wash my hands before
meals, avoid heavy kissing-sessions with the dog or cat and pay attention to what I eat; then how in the world
could I have such horrifying creatures living in my body?

What finally convinced me to try a cleansing program was when I attended a seminar, during the 1990's, which
was some years ago, and the person giving the seminar mentioned several events that occurred during an investigation
of a patient who was sick and needed a doctor's care which was due to the patient's body being infested with parasites.
The doctor treating the patient recommended that she/he start cleansing with a natural cleansing solution. The results
were successful! In a month, the patient's body was changed to its normal size as the patient became healthier, with
continued treatments.

One of Dr. Paul Bragg's most famous quotes: “While toxins remain in the body, one can never feel really great, but as one
cleanses their body and detoxifies it, their overall well-being dramatically improves this way the secret to great health can
be described in 3 words: Cleanse Your Body! “Engrave these 3 words permanently in your memory.” Experts agree;
cleansing is absolutely vital to your health. Make it your resolution-to keep your body internally clean.

Holy Tea or VelociTea is a natural cleansing solution with no chemicals or harmful drugs. “The ingredients are Persimmon
Leaves, Malva Leaves, Holy Thistle, Marshmallow Leaves, and Blessed Thistle.” It is formulated to gently cleanse your digestive
track and detoxify your body for the price of $50 dollars which includes shipping and handling. That's a small price to pay when
the third most common reason for hospitalization among 15-44 years old are digestive disorders. Between the ages of 45-66,
digestive problems become the second most common reasons for hospitalization (self-toxification increases with age.)

Maybe you'll end up being right and find that you're as clean as a whistle inside. But what if you're not; what do you have to lose?
If you are having problems with sleeping, low energy levels, colds, sinus, stress, fatigue, being overweight, internal problems
such as colon, intestinal or cardio, or need a remedy from the damaging effect of free radicals, arthritis, rheumatism or joint pain
visit my website to order your cleansing solution today.

Wash The Inside of Your Body As Well As The Outside! Feel Better! Look Better!


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